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Equine Gestalt Coaching

quotemarkKeep some room in your heart for the unimaginable.
— Mary Oliver


Working togetherHorses love to help people heal if we know how to listen to them.

They are big, beautiful human whisperers! You and Deb and your equine coach will co-actively work to help you discover the path through emotional and historical blocks so that you can move forward into your best life.

Horses have the instinctive ability and desire to help humans to connect with their own inner wisdom in order to find their way “home” to their authentic self, their soul’s journey. If you watch horses at rest in their herd, you will see them resting in absolute serenity, connected with an unseen spiritual energy, standing firmly grounded, four hooves on the earth. They inspire us with majestic power and quiet communication. Horses sense right away, and will let us know whether we are connected to the truth, or not.

Deb partners with her horses to assist people in accessing their own awareness and inner wisdom in moving through transitions. We focus on the body, not the thoughts. There are no right or wrong answers, no pre-determined strategy or program. Deb is able to use a variety of experiential approaches along with the horse’s special ability to tune in and touch us, to bring awareness to limiting beliefs and perspectives. We are guided by going deeper into the present moment, facing uncertainty with a creative spirit in a safe and sacred way. Read more about the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method here.

Deb is a student of life. She knows in her mind, heart and soul that every single experience in her life the good, the bad and the ugly created the woman and healer she is today. So, she says thank you for my life! In our coaching together, wonder and curiosity showed up whether Deb was in self-doubt or self-affirmation. Those 2 words also describe Deb’s approach to coaching. With wonder and curiosity she holds sacred the relationship with her clients. She trusts that they have wisdom within and that her job is to hold space for them to tap into their own answers for how to heal their pain and/or how to create a new life or themselves.

Peggy MacArthur, Coach
Touched By A Horse®
Equine Gestalt Coaching® Certification Program

No previous horse experience is required, and you will be introduced to the horses in a way that will keep you, and them, safe and happy to be working together. All sessions are confidential.

Equine Gestalt Coaching is not therapy or counseling.

Touched By a Horse Certification ProgramThe Equine Gestalt Coaching Method®

The Equine Gestalt Coaching Method® was developed by Melisa Pearce, a core founder since 1989, of the horse-human healing movement. The experiential nature of the method involves the horse as an active partner with the coach in the client’s exploratory process. The integrative approach of the equine’s interaction combined with positive coaching, somatic awareness guidance and Gestalt methodology, assists the client in examining their life and choices made with a focus on designing a positive future. Learn more here.

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