Equine Gestalt Coaching sounds very complicated. Very “therapeutic” and kinda scary to some. The simple truth of the work our horses and I do together is to help people return to themselves. So much of this is done just by showing up at the barn. The horses live in this wisdom, and in this serenity. The beauty of it is that I get to do this every day, like today!

Now, I don’t know about you, but for me these past days, weeks and months have at times felt impossibly complicated. Like this morning…

I worry. I can be quite dedicated and fierce about it, and have practiced worrying for decades. I suppose I worry because I care, because I’m human. It has also become habit. I also rage and shrink and snark and – well, it goes on. It’s a full time job! Unfortunately, more like an unpaid internship, serving a very demanding, fashionable (with perfect hair and nails), massively egotistical internal boss lady. It’s exhausting.

And then I remember. Today, and every day, I get to return to the simple truth, the beautiful reality of the dirt, and grass, and breezes. Today I will come home covered with shed mini horse hair, muddy rubber boots, and the memory of the touch of their breath on my hands and heart.

This simple truth is not glamorous. I muck, brush and groom, fill water tubs, and return to presence. As I flip gobs of horse poop into the cart, focus drops down from the brain to a lower place, aligning my spine along the way. Awareness returns to all the ways I’m connected. Connected to the earth, to the birdsong overhead and rich ground under my feet. The quiet is more delicious and pure than any music, and yet filled with communication of a higher vibration. Peace.

And, fun! It’s always a pleasant surprise to find this gentle playfulness at the core of life. Curious muzzles, long ears, shining eyes. They work their magic. They love me, have my respect, help me find my boundaries and my way back into the body that is my birthright. The more that worried/raging/boss lady dissolves, the safer they feel, and I’m welcomed into their world. Our world.

Returning. Dear friends and clients, it’s not complicated. Bring your vulnerable human self out to the barn. Wear your boots and be prepared to connect with a simple truth – the truth of who you really are.

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