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quotemarkWe gaze upon their quiet beauty, their natural elegance, and we are captivated. They see us softly, in gentle light … rewarding human companionship with strength, grace and intelligence. As they run through arenas and open fields, past mountains and seas, moving like the wind toward heaven, we travel with them, if only in our hearts.”
— Anonymous

Zen circleFeedback from clients and colleagues

Thank you for the wonderful healing I experienced during our phone coaching sessions. I trusted you with deep personal pain and you were patient, insightful and genuinely caring. The understanding I achieved with your coaching has already had a positive ripple affect on my life and my relationships.

With deep gratitude,
Jaclyn M

Deb is a student of life. She knows in her mind, heart and soul that every single experience in her life the good, the bad and the ugly created the woman and healer she is today. So, she says thank you for my life! In our coaching together, wonder and curiosity showed up whether Deb was in self-doubt or self-affirmation. Those 2 words also describe Deb’s approach to coaching. With wonder and curiosity she holds sacred the relationship with her clients. She trusts that they have wisdom within and that her job is to hold space for them to tap into their own answers for how to heal their pain and/or how to create a new life or themselves.

Peggy MacArthur, Coach
Touched By A Horse®
Equine Gestalt Coaching® Certification Program

Wow!! What an awesome coaching session. Creative, warm & fuzzy, clear and supportive with the client. Deb facilitated a wonderful transition piece for a completion of a course of work. I want Deb for my Life Transition Team!!

Marianne H.
Redmond, Washington

Deb’s coaching ability is wonderful!! I felt completely safe while Deb brought awareness to my internal battles. Deb provided support and help to me while my two sides dualled, and with her help came closer to a mutual agreement.

Crystal Y.
Mitchell, South Dakota

Deb brings a uniquely special presence to her coaching. She creates a protective bubble of love and nurturance around herself and her client that is transporting and transformational. She gently guides clients to new depths and insights through artful questions and creative experiences.

Emily G.
Charlottesville, VA

I would like to say Deb is an amazing life coach! She is very genuine, understanding and caring. She also is very educated and experienced! Deb comes with a huge honest and open heart to reach out to help her clients improve their own lives. Thank you to Deb for being who you are and helping others as you do!

Kacey W.
Elwood, NE