The Doe and I

Deb Jackson and Bueno

Wondering what to write this morning, I spied a doe moving like liquid light and shadow through the orchard. Then there appeared three more. They looked back at me, the predator in the window. Harmless. Their energy conveyed a message of safety, and the fawn appeared.

My mind wrestled to find the meaning! Watching them my breathing slowed, body calmed, and heart opened. I was deeply touched by this beautiful and unexpected gift.

Wondering what to write to you this morning, my mind wrestled with all its might. How can I be clever enough, good enough to impress, devour and rule? To capture that elusive prey, whatever it may be today. I know the thrill of the hunt. It’s in our DNA, our human nature.


In the gaze of the deer, was a powerful message about trust. The doe made me feel like a child wanting more than anything for her to trust me. Her silent message, “Listen to your heart.”

As the group approached the tall barrier of the fence, they simply chose to be in the abundance of berries and grasses on the other side. I watched as they imagined it, believed it, and then leapt. They appeared to simply levitate and float like dancers, with ease and with grace.

Today, you may also be wondering how to face a challenge in your life, like the fence, and are deciding to bring out the metaphorical wirecutters, maybe the tractor! If you are focused on the barrier, consider shifting that focus to what it is that you desire on the other side. Is your heart open enough to receive it? Can you trust that this is a gift, not something you need to hunt down and conquer? Perhaps this gift is here, now, in the present moment and all that is required is to receive it with grace.

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