As human beings, “time” is one of our favorite toys.

Tonight, we’ll celebrate the new year, 2016, with a sense of joy and relief. A new start! This time we’ll get it right. We’ll get to all those things on the list, that new plan, idea, project. Already, since the Solstice, our bodies can sense that time has changed … there seems to be more of it. A little more light each day, brings hope.

Yes, it certainly will be a relief. This week has been disorienting. Confusing. Now what? Things keep being forgotten: the bag at the restaurant, the key to the office, my boots! I feel like I’m one step ahead of myself. Pulled ahead by the excitement, the anticipation. I want this train to leave the station already!

The horses and the donkeys watch me from a distance this week, waiting for me to get my feet back on the ground. I haven’t spent enough time with 2015’s story. What was the shape of it? How did it shape me? What are the threads in that tapestry of a year that reach back and connect it to all those 66 others that have gone before? Which do I choose to continue weaving into my story, and which to release? What new colors and textures will be added?

This is the nature of grieving. There is loss, and there is discovery. There is getting lost, and then finding oneself anew. It shows us what we love, value, care about. It shows us who we truly are.

Will you meet me at the station? Let’s step off the platform, away from the iron tracks and into the clean, new fallen snow. Let’s follow those other tracks. Those left by the buffalo, deer, fox, the wild horse and get lost in the wilderness. With each step, inviting the new year to find us. Step by step, never leaving the present moment behind, as the world turns and the light grows stronger. Be the light.



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