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You want to live the life you were meant to live, every last drop

quotemarkHorses change lives. They give our young people confidence and self esteem. They provide peace and tranquility to  troubled souls — they give us hope!
— Toni Robinson

Zen circle

You are just starting out in life …

Kids and Teens and Those Who Love Them

Children learn from play and touch and relationship … from what they experience in their bodies. When confronted with a difficult challenge, loss or just the confusing world we all live in, kids can find their balance and inner strength in nature and working safely with equines and other animals.

Teens, and Pre-Teens, have high energy and powerful emotions, and are often under a lot of pressure we cannot see. Letting go of the child they once knew themselves to be, but not yet the adult they will become, they find themselves in a world of uncertainty. Time out in a natural environment caring for and receiving care from an equine partner can ground them, help them develop relationship skills, leadership, compassion, non-verbal communication. All needed to navigate the transition to adulthood, and all the hurdles along the way.

We all have young people in our lives and in our world, but some of us are parents, grandparents, teachers, psychologists or other types of therapeutic workers who may at times need help understanding their issues and feelings. Our relationships with young people may re-ignite our own early childhood wounds, and present an opportunity to heal.

Contact us for information about coming out to The White Barn or to Luna Tierra Ranch for an equine experience in a non-therapeutic, natural, fun and peaceful setting. Watch our calendar for educational workshops as well.


You are an elder …

Your story is coming full circle.

How can you move forward in a way that will make you whole, complete, at peace? How would you complete this sentence?

As I grow older I want my life to be …

Your answers are beginning to take shape – relax, have fun, write, paint, have an adventure, lots of adventures, find love, be happy … Don’t know? Are you seeking a deeper connection with your spirit, your soul’s journey. Do you have unfinished business that is holding you back (Hint: you do! We all do.).

Looking back on your life, where do you find the greatest heart and meaning? What do you regret, need to celebrate? Have you forgotten something important, but don’t know what it is? What have you come to truly value after living on this earth for these many years?


You are curious about your life’s story. You are uncertain about the future. You’re willing to move into the mystery to find the wisdom that is your birthright. Are you wondering how to begin living the life you were meant to live?


Our most successful clients are interested in growing into their own wisdom as elders, making a strong positive contribution, not simply resigned to getting older.

Do you have an awareness of being in transition in your life, at a crossroads? Are you sensing a deep yearning for wholeness and healing?

Are you looking for a new experience that will call on your creativity and courage?


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